Web Page Row Backgrounds

Web Page Row Backgrounds – Means to Embellish

The background colour, image or video may make your webpage appear more attractive and therefore more attractive.

For this row, a colour background has been used.

A website will be successful according to the quality of its content.

Decoration, including row background, can enhance the page for the benefit of visitors.

Image Background

The following row has been taken from the old boys website for Hackney Downs School – CloveClub.com.

The row has text in two columns. A faded image from the old school has been used as the background to the row.












Video Backgrounds

Video Backgrounds

A well chosen on-topic video may increase interest for visitor, prolong time on page and on site resulting in benefit to the page and website ‘Quality Score’ and this my improve rankings.

In an example law firm website, a video about the Supreme Justices has been used and this has been used for this row.