Our Website Development Packages

  • Single Page Website
  • Includes: -
  • Contact Form
  • Google Map
  • SEO - On-Page
  • Email address
  • Five Page Website
  • As 'Basic'
  • Plus: -
  • Blog - if required
  • Search Facility
  • Training as required
  • Online Shop - E-Commerce
  • As 'Popular'
  • Plus: -
  • Online Shop / Cart / Payment
  • 5 Items for Shop
  • Additional Shop Items £10 each

Cost of Typical Five Page Website: £675

This includes:

  • Domain Name Registration £15 for .com or .co.uk or similar – for the first year.
  • Hosting £25 per annum – first year included.

Extra Pages: £10 for each simple page. Complex pages will be quoted for in advance.

Start Up Businesses

We offer £150 reduction for our ‘Basic’ (£325) and ‘Popular’ (£525) packages for Start Up Businesses.


  • We use responsive themes – our websites realign to fit on large screens, tablet computers including iPad and smartphones.
  • With our CMS websites, you will be able to add pages for yourself.
  • We can add pages if requested – from £10 per page depending on complexity

Payments for Website Developments

Deposit / First Installment

A deposit of £150 is payable when the order for your new website is made.

Installment 2.

I meet with new clients if required – within 10 miles of Loughton – Free Consultation. The client and I discuss the website development and a skeleton website is developed.

The second installment to complete 75% of the total cost of the website is payable at the conclusion of this stage.

We request that all the information required to complete the website be provided within four weeks of starting the website development.

Third and Final Installment

The third and final installment is payable four weeks from the start of the website development or on completion of the website – whichever is the sooner.

The website is developed according to the agreed specification. If additions are required by the client, additional fees may be required. These are discussed, quoted and agreed in advance.

We understand that one or two elements may require revision as the project and pages develop and we generally allow for a couple of such changes to texts, sliders and images. If more than a couple of revisions are requested, this could be subject to an additional fee on a pro rata basis.

Payments should be completed within 72 hours of receiving the account.

Domain Names

We can assist you to find a great domain name for your new website. We can purchase the domain name on your behalf – fee varies from £10-30 e.g .co.uk £10, .com £15 and .london £25  – The first year registration fee is included

The domain name must be re-registered annually.


Our hosting fees are £25 yearly for websites that we design and maintain. We include the first year within the above price.


Website Maintenance (WordPress)Website Maintenance Fees

Themes and plugins are frequently updated by their developers to increase functionality and to reduce the risk of spammers hacking your website. Your website should be backed up regularly and its themes and program kept up to date.

Information websites – £25 per month

Woo-commerce  – £40 per month

One off backup and updates – £60

Our fees include 30 minutes of advice / content updates:-

Compare to:

indigotree.co.uk – £70 per month – minimum

simplywebsitesupport.co.uk – £69 per month

Parker Web Services – from £129 per month


  • A blog (web log) was initially just an online diary.
  • Modern blogs are articles with the facility for viewers to leave comments which utilises the web’s ability for interaction.
  • We can set up a blog facility on your CMS website or all your website pages can be part of the blogging facility.
  • The blog can be moderated by you so that only desirable comments become visible.
  • We set up ‘Askimet’ so that endless link backs from unscrupulous webmasters are automatically filtered and will not bother you.

Social Media


Social Media Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook and Youtube

If you can provide an image of yourself and a business image, we can set up a business page and profile – £60 for each – £200 for all four. We would also need the information you would like placed on your profiles – CV type information in Word format.

We can program your website so that when you add a blog post it will be summarised on your social media pages – £25 to link to Twitter and Facebook.

Clients find WooCommerce relatively easy to work with and our page on WooCommerce provides guides including:

  • Adding Products
  • Emails
  • Paypal
  • Shipping

Upgrade Old Website to New CMS (WordPress Website)


Upgrade website to CMS – WordPress

Modern CMS websites have several advantages:

  • They are responsive to screen size which means that they render well on smartphones and large desktop monitors.
  • They can be easily updated by website owners – adding new pages, for example is easy.
  • Website owners or their SEO team can quickly add blog posts which keep clients informed of new developments and help boost rankings on Google.

If you have an old website that needs upgrading to CMS, our fee is £325 for 10 pages or less.
The updated website would include the current logo and colour scheme and would match the current website as closely as possible.

We would wish to quote separately for upgrading E-Commerce websites as the fee would depend on the complexity of the shop.

Text / Copy

Our clients are the experts in their field and are best placed to provide the information they wish to include in their websites. We will display the text our clients provide according to their requirements and we may offer advice on how to optimise text to increase visitor numbers and engagement to increase ROI.


  • Please supply the images or the sources (Logos and pictures) and we will add them into your website within the above fees.
  • If we need to purchase images on your behalf for your website we will make a charge for each image based on fees charged by the source.