There are many e-commerce plugins that integrate a shop facility to your website.

Our preference is WooCommerce which is the most popular for our WordPress websites.

Watch the video on WooCommerce websotes to confirm that this will provide the online shop facility that you are looking for.

WooCommerce – An Introduction


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) platform and WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin.

We can integrate the eCommerce shop to your existing website or to a new website for you.

We can add as many or as few details to the shop as you may require. Some clients choose to use the simple dashboard facility to enter items to the shop for themselves and others ask us to do it.

WooCommerce – Add a Product


Video: How to set up PayPal Standard

PayPal Fees

On 11th November 2014 – for small businesses up to £1500 per month – 3.4% +20p – Latest information – PayPal Fees

A second video on Paypal

WooCommerce – Shipping (Postage) Options and Fees

Shipping / Postage – additional sources of information

How To Assign Rates To Shipping Classes in Woocommerce Plugin

WooCommerece is available internationally and understandably does not come with all shipping rates within every country and from every country to every other country.

The above should cover most needs but if you wish to include extensive options, plugins can be purchased.

WooCommerce Royal Mail and Parcel Force Shipping Extension

WooCommerce US Postal Service Shipping Plugin

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin


Digital Download Products with WooCommerce – YouTube Tutorial


Customers – receiving digital download product:-

Add External Links for Product Retailers/Distributors to Simple & Variable Products

External/Affiliate products are a great function of WooCommerce, however they have one significant limitation: you cannot sell an item yourself and link to the exact same product on a seller or supplier’s internet site. The Woocommerce ‘Products Retailers‘ Addon removes that limitation, and also allows you to provide several sellers rather than one affiliate link. The Single Site Licence is $49 (January 2015).

Easily setup sellers or distributors for items in your store, consisting of a URL to their internet site, then designate them to individual products. Clients can then purchase the product straight on your shop, or they can travel to the merchant or distributor’s internet site to buy.

Perfect for items sold through multiple sales channels, such as a book available directly on-site, under Amazon, for Kindle, and Nook.

Going Live

When setting up your WooCommerce website, the default setting is “dem0”. You can order items and test that all is working satisfactorily before going live.

To move out of demo to live, on the WooCommerce > Settings page > General tab, there is a setting called “Enable site-wide store notice text” which you needs to be unchecked.

PayPal Sandbox

To test PayPal you can use a Sandbox account, obtained from PayPal’s developer site.

Once signed up and logged in, go to the “Test Accounts” section and create an account. Ensure you choose “Website Payments Pro” as the account type.

If you then go to the “API Credentials” page it will provide you the details needed for the gateway. Ensure you enable Sandbox mode in the gateway settings!

You can create buyer accounts in sandbox too – these will have test credit cards attached which you can use during checkout.

You cannot use live API details with Sandbox!

When ready to go live, remove the PayPal sandbox mode.