Conversion Rate Optimisation

14 Proven Ways To Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers

A crucial part of internet marketing is converting visitors to a website into clients.

SEO is about increasing the number of targeted visitors to a website. This is equivalent to bringing shoppers to your shop window. There is no commercial value unless some shoppers come into the shop and buy your products or services. It’s all very well getting traffic to your website but if that traffic does not convert it has no commercial value.

There are several ways to convert window browsers to paying customers.


Web Design:

Your shop window needs to be attractive and so you need a good web designer.

Converting leads into customers

Converting leads into customers is crucial for online business success.

Establish Trust

Establishing Trust is particularly difficult for online retailers


Trust is not a problem for established brand names such as Amazon but for SME websites you need: –

  • Testimonials.
  • Consumer reviews.
  • Add a head-shot if you are not included in a video on your website.
  • The name of at least one person to contact.
  • Business address.

Images: –

Images should be clear and professional. People should look happy

Video: –

Include a 2-3-minute video to demonstrate friendliness. A well-constructed video can make your website more attractive to buy from.

Benefits rather than features: –

Selling is about explaining the benefits to the customer rather than the features. Include stories that will add excitement about your product or service.

Examples: –

  • Home Delivery is a feature – Saving time is the benefit.
  • WordPress is a CMS platform (feature) – Makes it easier to develop a great website (benefit)
  • The latest XF Jaguars have 2.0 litre engines (feature) – they use less fuel and reduce fuel bills (benefit) than the earlier 3 litre engines.

 Value: –

Explain what is special about your product and how it will be delivered.

Guarantee: –

Show confidence in your products by offering a refund on all purchases.

Calls to action: –

Include an adequate number of “Calls to Action” but do not over do it. Try to avoid clichés such as “buy now” by being more imaginative.


Spend time on the top headline on your landing page. “Headlinr” is a program that makes useful suggestions.

Convert from above the fold.

Perhaps more relevant if the user is on a desktop computer but even with mobiles it is important that the call to action and opt-in facility appears for the first time at the bottom of the page.

Social Proof

Use your social media followers as social proof. This can help in the same way as testimonials.

Privacy Statement

Include a privacy statement on all forms. People want reassurance that there details are not going to be given to others.

Form Inputs: –

Only make fields ‘required’ when necessary and keep the number of fields to a minimum.

Payment Options: –

Not everyone likes PayPal but usually PayPal accepts payment cards.



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