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We are a web design / internet marketing agency with nearly 20 years’ experience developing and promoting websites. We can do just about anything you can imagine.

Have you seen a website with design features you like?

Our Website Design Experience

Our first website was online 20 years ago and now receives 1500 new visitors daily.

Eye-Catching Images

Images capture the eye of your visitors.

We have millions of images for you to choose from.

E-Commerce – Online Shops

We can add an online-shop facility including online payments with our new website developments and also for those who wish e-commerce to be added to their existing WordPress website.

Themes and Plugins

We develop websites on WordPress which is currently the most popular website development tool.

A theme dictates the look and style of your website. Your theme is made up of a range of options, such as font types and sizes, your colour scheme and other areas that affect the aesthetics of your site.

A template is the layout or blueprint of your site; it helps structure your website, giving you areas to place pictures and text, or items like navigation bars and other widgets.

Website Mythology

  1. Having a website guarantees busloads of visitors and instant wealth will be coming their way.
  2. All website designers are skilled in Internet marketing and SEO) .
  3. Once a website is setup, its reputation, visitor numbers and ever increasing income are assured.

Essex Websites - Mythology

Search Engine Optimisation

Contrary to popular belief, top page ranking on search engines, including Google, depends on incoming links from other websites. If your competitors for a desirable keyword have significantly more link power than your webpage, you will have no real chance of success for that keyword.

The objective of keyword research is to find the best keywords to attract targeted visitors: These keywords must be in reach for your website.

First Website Design Why Choose Us

Our fees start at £475 for a single page website.

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