Making Text Changes in WordPress

Basic text changes, such as

  • Adding or removing text
  • Aligning the text to the left, right or centre,

is the same as with other programs such as ‘Word’.

Always remember to ‘Update’ the page to save the changes on the website



‘Kitchen Sink’ Options

A most useful set of icons is not visible in the Edit Page default but it can be opened up by clicking on the ‘Show/Hide Kitchen Sink’ icon.

Kitchen-sink toolbar toggle-1

The ‘Kitchen Sink’ icons includes the Format drop down options.

Kitchen-sink toolbar toggle-2

Text format optionsIn this example, ‘Excellent Content’ has been highlighted and we can see that it has been allocated ‘Heading 3’ status. This status can be changed as required to ‘Paragraph’ Heading 1 etc.

There may be two or three ways to change Format Attributes.

The first is usually through the ‘Appearance’ options depending on the Theme being used.

In this example, it is Appearance > Site Options > Theme Designer.

With this theme, there are options for changing font colour, size and face. There are drop down options and the one for size options of the Main Content Font Size is displayed. Choose the one that suits, remember to Update and then view the page. Repeat the process until you are happy with your choice.

font - sizes

With the theme, under Theme Options > Typography, we can change the font size for Body Font, Headings etc.

Under Styling, wc can change the colours for each font, heading, etc.

You could choose an option such as Arial Black which is an emboldened version of Arial or another bold font.