A webpage that sells services or products should:-

  1. Be Understandable and logical.
  2. Focus on the start and the finish.
  3. Avoid long paragraphs – use bullet points and short paragraphs. A webpage should look different to a textbook.
  4. Provide a few images and tables that keep attention.
  5. Build momentum on its pages.
  6. Try to get the client to say yes. Make them positive.
  7. Regularly updated.
    1. Individual pages, particularly the HomePage, should be reviewed every few months.
    2. Regular blog posts demonstrate on-going interest and expertise.

Be proactive – always seeking to improve your website – 10 minutes three or four times each week once the website is running.

Provide good rapport and credibility. Credibility is established by:-

  1. Knowledge of your organisation.
  2. Knowledge of your client’s business. Recognise your client’s expertise.
  3. Answer the question “Whys should I buy from you?”
  4. Buyers buy what the want and not necessarily what they need.
  5. Provide answers to ‘objections’ that potential clients may have.
  6. Most potential clients shop around. Some say a sale is made after 7 visits.
    1. Try to sign visitors up with a free item and contact them through your regular newsletter.
    2. Stay in touch.
  7. Buyers buy benefits and not features. Show why your product or service has more benefits than your competitors.
  8. Set your website measurable goals and check that they are being achieved – usually Google Analytics.