What are Links?

The Web is like a spider’s web in that it has strands that lead from one point to another.

Incoming links from other websites give your website and pages authority which is crucial to moving your pages up the search engine results pages.

You should make links from one page on your website to others on your website to maintain interest for your visitors.

You should also make links to pages on other websites that may assist your visitors.

Making Links in WordPress

text and anchor link buttonIn this example, I want to make a link between ‘PageRank’ in the text and a website that explains the term – http://www.pagerank-explained.com/

1. Copy the link – http://www.pagerank-explained.com/

2. Highlight the text requiring the link – in this example ‘PageRank’

3. Click on the anchor icon (Insert/edit link)

This will bring up the Insert/edit link box where you paste in the link.

PageRank underlined

The Link has been made to http://www.pagerank-explained.com which is to another website – external link. Within WordPress, the anchor (link) text becomes underlined.

If the link is to go to a page on your website, there is a drop down list of all your pages for you to make an internal link.
add internal link


Remember to click on the Add Link button and then the Update Page button to update the page.

Adding a link to an image

add link to image

Click on the image and then the ‘link’ icon and add the URL of the page the image is to link to.