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Would you like more business from your website?

We provide attractive web design for small business, professionals and tradesmen.

At First website design we can work with your current website or provide a new one. We have all become so accustomed to smartphones that it is difficult to appreciate that the first iPhone became available in 2007. In common with all modern web designers, we produce responsive websites that display well on large monitors and smartphones.

SEO and Keyword Research

The objective should be to target the best keywords where top page positioning on Google is possible.

We offer advice on how to optimise your website and its individual pages to maximise your visibility on the Internet by increasing their relevance (on-page optimisation) and we will work on acquiring incoming link power to increase the authority of your website and individual pages (off-page optimisation).

Most web designers have great artistics skills but limited expertise with SEO which is a science. Our scientific background has resulted in us producing our own unique program – Keyword SEO Pro – to assist us in finding the best keywords for your website to target.


Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter provide opportunity to increase your business web presence – digital footprint.

Your website and social media pages should work in harmony rather than in isolation. We can integrate all aspects of your internet presence.

Videos provide opportunity for you to promote your business by demonstrating your expertise and enthusiasm for the services and products you offer. We can create your own YouTube channel, upload your videos and embed them on your website and social media.Internet Marketing Icon

Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

This is the skill of increasing business from online advertising. The business website and social media pages provide online presence but their power needs to be harnessed to reach their full potential.

web design Loughton tradesmanWe offer integrated Internet marketing for small businesses from skilled tradesmen such as builders to professionals including doctors and solicitors .

Web Design – Website Myths

Many enthusiastic business owners are under the illusion that all they need to do is to have a good website design and busloads of visitors and instant wealth will be coming their way.
A second myth is that all website designers are skilled in Internet marketing in general and search engine optimisation (SEO) in particular. Most website designers have expertise with graphic design and they are mainly ‘art’ orientated. SEO requires a scientific approach.
The third myth is that once a website is setup, its reputation, visitor numbers and ever increasing income are assured. However, websites need to be regularly updated if they are to demonstrate true expertise to the search engines.

Why do 90% of business websites fail to bring in new clients?

They do not target the best keywords.
The fundamentals of correct placement of keywords on the webpages are not implemented.

Top Page Positioning on Google

There are two essential stages to increase business from your website:
1. First website design: We can work with your current website or provide a new one.
2. Increase the authority of your website and webpages so that you are on the top page of Google for your targeted keywords. Increasing authority means acquiring links.

This includes finding the most appropriate keywords (search terms) and determining the difficulty of achieving top page positioning on Google for each of these keywords. We use our own program ‘Keyword SEO Pro’ to calculate keyword difficulty. This provides an indication of the amount of website promotion that will be required.

More than 90% of business websites fail to bring in the anticipated new potential clients.
Having an attractive and functional website that promotes your products or services is only the first step to Internet success.
The second and crucial step is optimisation of your website so that it can be found by potential clients or customers looking for the products or services you provide.

How do we find the best keywords for webpages?

The process is called keyword research and it is part of search engine optimisation.

We are based in Loughton, Essex. We have special interests in Internet Marketing, SEO research and selling services and products online.
Website Promotion for Professionals

FirstwebsiteDesign is run by David A Viniker MD FRCOG, a retired medical consultant. He has written books, chapters of books and medical papers. He is in a unique position to assist professional people including doctors, dentists, solicitors and accountants who wish to develop and or promote their websites to increase clientelle and revenue through the Internet.

Web design, SEO, Social Media and Internet Marketing for London and the North Home Counties including Essex and Hertfordshire

First Website Design – affordable professional web design and Internet marketing / website promotion in London, Essex and Hertfordshire. We are based in Loughton, on the borders of Chingford, North-East London and Essex and close to the M25.

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